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Short solar calendar summary:

1)   The world's present daily calendar is the Gregorian calendar which was established in 1582 AD.  God’s holy calendar existed for thousands of years before our present calendar was ever invented. Neither Saturday nor Sunday are the fixed Sabbath Day, and the words Saturday or Sunday are not even mentioned in the Scriptures. The true Sabbath is every "one in seven days" after the first day of the year is conclusively established.  So the important question is "what day of the year is day number one?"

2)  Today's calendar of the world system begins the year on January 1st.  However God’s holy year, according to Genesis chapter One, begins at precise astronomical divisions of  appointed times and seasons.  The Scriptures proceed to explain that the first calendar season is Spring which season begins at the Spring Equinox or “Vernal Equinox”.

3)   God’s calendar for His Saxon Christian Israelite people is based entirely upon a solar calendar, and the Moon is not included in any way within the reckoning of the calendar. (Mistranslation of the words "New Moon" has caused confusion)

4)  Due to the fact that the Earth has an uneven orbit and a "tilted" orbit around the Sun, plus the complete orbit taking 365.24 days (an uneven amount of day cycles), it means that the Vernal Equinox time occurrence itself varies slightly from year to year.  Because of this the Vernal Equinox, during the course of several hundred years, can take place over the range of our March 19th to our March 21st. From year to year there is always some variability in the equinoxes and solstices because of the way Earth's changing tilt matches up with its orbit around the sun. This inescapable fact is left out of most attempts to figure out the true solar Biblical calendar and is why #5 below has been totally missed:

5)   The median Sunset centered between the slightly varying Vernal Equinox times, (which accumulated times span the course over our March 19th through the 21st over many years), is the sunset of our March 20th.  This sunset will start the first day of the solar calendar each and every year.  It is the mid point “balanced and fixed sunset” that stabilizes the calendar as a “fixed calendar” that will not change from year to year. Thus the first day of the true Scriptural calendar starts every year on what we view as our sunset of March 20th whether or not the Vernal Equinox time takes place slightly before or after that sunset. [See current PDF calendar link below ]

6) By Scripture, the Sabbath days and thus all days, start at dusk, that is evening. (“evening” is the same word for “dusky/dark” in Hebrew). Symbolically, God delivers us from the darknes of sin and brings us into the light of His salvation. Therefore sunset starts the holy calendar days as our story of redemption tells us.

7)  The Sabbath is every seven days.  There are 8 Feast Days that are set forth as memorial days.  These memorials tell the story of God’s redemption of Adamic man from sin by the sacrifice of God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  The Scriptural Feast Days are: Passover, Unleavened, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, Last Great Day, Christian Israel Thanksgiving.

8)   The following PDF articles on this calendar web page are presented as study and research aids with the purpose of explaining the divine solar calendar from a Scriptural and astronomical presentation.


The true 'weekly' Sabbath for 2019 - 20 presently runs from

Thursday sunset until Friday sunset (see the current PDF

calendar below and find today's month, week, and date)

However since our secular named weekdays "slide" through

the year, thus changing from year to year, next year the actual

Sabbath will be on Saturday, the next year on Sunday, the next

on Monday, etc. Just as your birthday is always on the same 

date each year but NOT on the same day of the week.


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Solar calendar for 2019 - 2020 (pdf print out version)

Solar calendar for 2018 - 2019 (pdf print out version)

Solar calendar for 2017-2018 (pdf print out version)

Solar calendar for 2016-2017 (pdf print out version)    

Solar calendar for 2015-2016 (pdf print out version)     

Solar calendar for 2014-2015 (pdf print out version)   

Solar calendar for 2013 - 2014 (pdf print out version)  

Solar calendar for 2012 - 2013  (pdf print out version)


Solar calendar copies for the years 1989 - 2011 are no longer available

 Some basic notes for the above calendar


 Saxon Israelite solar calendar starts in Genesis One (Part 1 Lunar? Solar?)


 Saxon Israelite solar calendar starts in Genesis One (Part 2 Lunar? Solar?) 


 Day One  (Somewhat advanced for newcomers but a needed addition at this time)


 Jesus Christ did not do away with the Sabbath ("Let no man judge you in respect of -- the Sabbath" Col.2:16,17 explained from Greek)


 The Passover Memorial For Christian Israel


 Christ Our Passover (The "Lord's Supper" is not just the bread and wine)


 Celebrating Passover (A really streamlined PDF you can print out for newcomers)


 Saxon Christian Israel's 8th Feast Day ( The true American Thanksgiving Day.  Exactly when and why.)


 The Scriptural reason why days #1 & #8 begin the year as Sabbath days 


 Psalm 104:19  The Moon appointed for seasons?  Not so.


 More Sabbath day verification points. Notes about solar months 2 & 9 seldom mentioned.

 The Abib -- Entrance to the Father's celestial story    

More articles coming as time permits















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