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Faith of the Covenant Fellowship is a Christian Israel Kingdom ministry.

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Audio Scripture Lessons   by Kenneth W. Lent


Many of these audio CD's are reformatted digital versions of past cassette tape sermons when Ken was Pastor of CBM nation wide for nearly 30 years.  Additional Scriptures and further explanatory comments have been added to many lessons to bring them up-to-date for 2015 and beyond.  The CD's are copyrighted (all rights reserved).


Ordering: These CD's are free gift offerings to Saxon Christian Bible students.  If you feel led to donate a buck or two (U.S. cash only) to help with mailing cost, it is always appreciated -- but this is not necessary.  Use the PO Box address above. CD orders will be sent ASAP. Please print your name and address clearly.


1.  Introduction to the true Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ --  a short (19 min.) introduction to the Gospel of the Kingdom message.  This makes a great "hand out" for those new to the Christian Israel Kingdom message.


2.  The Trial of Christ --  1997 studio interview with Christian attorney Frazier Marks concerning his critical legal commentary book The Inquisition and Crucifixion of Jesus The Nazarene detailing what happened in Judea 2000 years ago that resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


3.  USA Christian Constitution --  Is the USA Constitution a Christian document?  The Scriptures, history, and law says that it is.  This is a 2013 "internet radio talk show" interview and discussion by Kenneth Lent, Pastor Mark Downey, and William Finck.  4 hours total. Loaded.


4.  Satan and Unclean spirits: the gods that aren't --  The so called "Satan" creed of the churches, Hollywood, and New Age, is exposed for the fraud that it is.  This CD is updated with new comments and even more Scripture than the original cassette tape lessons (year 2000).  Explains, in a complete study of over 6 hours of Bible examination, why the teaching of a literal "Satan/Devil" is detrimental to the faith once delivered unto the saints.


5.  CD with two sermon studies:  1.  Keeping Both Law and Grace -- An important doctrinal review of why we need to obey God's Laws for our families and nation, while understanding how grace operates in our Christian lives.   2. God's Promises Reveal Israel's Descendants (Parts 1 & 2) --  God's Scriptural promises for Israel have been fulfilled in the white Christian people of the world. Divine promises reveal who the Israelites really are. (mostly concerned with the N. American promises but informative to all Saxon Christians as well)


6.  CD with two sermon studies:  1.  No Marriage Supper For Christians -- Christians may be shocked to discover what the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" actually is, and who is invited to it by God Almighty.  It's not Christians!    2. No Rapture In the Bible --  Christians who believe that they will be "taken up into the clouds to Heaven" before events on the Earth become unbearable have been horribly misled by their clergy.  The Scriptures teach that God's people will go through the escalating tribulation in the world, and therefore need to be ready spiritually, mentally, and physically. (study sheet included).



This is a new project for 2015.  More CD's are on the way as time permits.
























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