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Faith of the Covenant Fellowship is a Christian Israel Kingdom ministry.

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Audio MP3 Scripture Commentaries   by Kenneth W. Lent

Please allow several minutes for some of the MP3 files to download for the first time

Many of these audio MP3's are reformatted digital versions of past cassette tape sermons when Ken was Pastor of CBM nation wide for over 30 years.  Additional Scriptures and further explanatory comments have been added to some lessons to bring them up-to-date for the present years.  The MP3s are copyrighted (all rights reserved). If using headphones adjust your settings for bass/treble clarity.


 Introduction To The Gospel Of The Kingdom (Our ministry basics)

 God's Promises Reveal Israel's Descendants (Part One)

 God's Promises Reveal Israel's Descendants (Part Two)

 No Marriage Supper For Christians

  False Rapture sheet.pdf #1 (To be viewed with audio lesson below. - or print it out 8.5 x 14 legal size)

 False Rapture sheet.pdf #2 (To be viewed with audio lesson below - or print it out 8.5 x 14 legal size)

 False Rapture Doctrine Not In The Bible

 The New World Order And Oreb

 Keeping Both Law And Grace

 Our Christian Constitution (Part One)

 Our Christian Constitution (Part Two)

 Satan? (Study sheet) - read first

 Satan? Study 1

 Satan? Study 2

 Satan? Study 3

 Satan? Study 4

 Satan? Study 5

 Satan? Study 6

 The trial of Christ (Part One)

 The trial of Christ (Part Two)

 A spirit Kingdom? Not according to the prophets and apostles

 Israel's New Jerusalem -- 1776

 Jesus (Yhvhshua) the Christ: Redemption Avenger

 Isaiah 18 -- America, before it happened

 The reincarnation belief is not in the Scriptures

 The born again rebellion against our Heavenly Father (Part One)

 The born again rebellion against our Heavenly Father (Part Two)

 page scan: Greek text of John 3:3 (addendum to Born Again audios)


 Asia to invaded America -- Part One

 Asia to invade America -- Part Two

 Asia to invade America -- Part Three

 Asia to invade America -- Part Four

 Asia to invade America -- Part Five

 Yahweh's Protection Against Mind Control

 Nehemiah's Perseverance

more lessons coming soon

[ To our Christian Israel kin outside the USA:  Many of the audio MP3 files

uploaded so far deal with America in the Bible. Our once great Christian

Republic is in dire need of Yahweh's Scripture information.  The Saxon

nations outside the USA have a wonderful calling too. In time other audio

messages will be added that span topics pertinent to the "Body of Christ"

in general wherever The Almighty has placed us. Check back periodically,

and God bless! ]























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