Don't have much time right now to read and study lengthy Bible lessons?

All articles listed below are one page or less

The Bible is only to Israel and for Israel

Your Saxon Christian Heritage

Adam was not the first person

Is the King James Version Bible (and other versions) error free?

Noah's Flood was not world wide

Who are the Gentiles?

Who Is God?

What Is Sin?

Where is God's Kingdom?

Soul Winner's Pamphlet (a real Scripture version)

God's laws have not been done away with

Map of Israel’s European Wanderings

Jesus Christ




History of America - God's Promises


Titles of Christ

Ten Commandments

Today's "Jews" are not the Bible Israelites

Jewish Khazaria

God's Word on hunting

God's Revelation to us - the Holy Scriptures

There is no "Rapture" taught in the Scriptures

Saxon Israel Tribal Heritage Signs

You may be a Saint

Build your house, build a curse

Vick and dog

Proclaim the Gospel

God's national health care program

Baptism attempt into God's Kingdom

Christian Israel believers are now priests

Jews' return to the "Holy Land" - a hoax

Saxon Christian Israel Feast Day Times

Israel's Feasts in the New Testament

New Testament Love Feasts are Israel's Feast Days

Include a hymn in your prayer

Should we be like all the nations?

Praying for results? Don't forget this tip

Another important prayer tip

God's law on sodomy

Jesus Christ's missing years

Why impatience is not a virtue

Genocide against whites and blacks

Major trouble - major help

Healings - physical

Healings - spiritual

The name Jesus, 888, 1776

The Ten Commandments in America

God's promises are for us today (intro to below titles)

YHVH's promises for His guidance

YHVH's promises for your patience in the faith

YHVH's promises for your necessities

YHVH's promises to heal you

YHVH's promises to help you

YHVH's promises concerning your children

YHVH's promises for your safety

YHVH's promises for your joy

YHVH's promises for your deliverances

YHVH's promises for your miracles

Eating swine's flesh -- harmful to body and faith

More "Jews" who aren't of Israel

Habitual sinning?  Kingdom exclusion

A word about thankfulness

Is survival preparation a lack of faith?

Should a Christian possess weapons

Why Read The Holy Scriptures?

White under 30 read this

Some New World Order quotes

Traveling by automobile is a free right

Scripturally understanding life's circumstances

Saxon Christian:  Tattoo -- not for you

When running away is not an option

Mary had a little lamb




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