Faith of the Covenant Fellowship, Pembroke, Virginia, USA

in the service of God for the small Remnant in Jesus Christ

[ Welcome to our web site.  New info will be added as completed ---  Kenneth W. Lent, website editor ]

Greetings to the Faithful in Christ,

   Our ministry goal for this site is to cover the "basics" of the Christian Israel Kingdom message, and to help with family efforts of preparing for trying times in our beloved American united States.

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  Various topic pages are located at the "page links" in the above black border.  May God bless you all in Yahweh/Jesus!

--Ken Lent and the Remnant flock here in Virginia

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 The Saxon Israel solar calendar for Sabbaths and Feast Days has been uploaded for the current solar year 2018/19. Click here to view the pdf version.


 New:  NASA & The Muslim Flat Earth -- sets forth the facts and discards sensationalism concerning this topic

 NEW: In-depth Scripture study on the topic of who is in The Book of Life"?  This is a witness to the sovereignty of The Almighty and a reminder of exactly who it is that is in control. title:PREDESTINATION AND BLOTTING OUT


Psalm 144:1 View our 'sister site' here, dedicated to health awareness, moderate exercise, our unique brand of American style martial arts, mental discipline, confidence, integrity, family safety for parents and children. Folks love this program!   Click here for link.




 " And this is His (Our Father's) commandment, That we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another as He gave us commandment."  (I John 3:2)



















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