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Intro Facts -- print it out, make a flyer (8 1/2 x 14 paper needed)

Who Are Israelites? -- by Emry

Angry at God?

Joseph and Judah: The birthright story of faith brothers

 Meal Preparation on the Sabbath is OK

 Pants on women -- what the Bible really says

 Luke 21:26 - The Powers of Heaven (Two Meanings)

 Tracing Our Ancestors (by Haberman)  This is a web link to an online book. Great educational read.

 The Rapture of the Saints (by MacDougall - pdf book, 1970 ed.) Complete history of the Jesuit origin of the fallacious "Rapture Doctrine"

 Noahide Laws (The New World Order is much more than just about politics)

 Jesus Christ did not do away with the Sabbath ("Let no man judge you in respect of -- the Sabbath" Col.2:16,17 explained from Greek)

 Survival food replication in the Scriptures 

 Fall of the Angelic Estate -- Lessons from the book of Jude (it's not what we've been told)

 Christ Conquered The Devil 

 The Madmen of Gadera (by Pastor Mark Downey) The Scriptural truth about Christ's encounter with Legion and the swine.

 Devils and Swine (by Adam de Witt) Another view on the "Devil/Swine" verses, and a double meaning to the above lesson 

 The Red Dragon Satan of Revelation 12

 Head Coverings For Women

 Heraldry of the Saxon Nations and their Scriptural emblematic connection

 Sins: Are we totally forgiven? Or do we still get punished? ( Sins and  forgiveness, plus some comments on baptism)

  For God so loved -- the world?  (John 3:16 is misquoted by universalists.  Read the rest of the real story)

  Strangers, Pilgrims, and Israel - by Arnold Kennedy  (Clears up confusion about "strangers" within Saxon Israel)

  Who was John Calvin (Jean Cauuin) ?

 Psychological attack on Saxon Chistian children

  God's law on interracial marriage (no apology here, HE wrote the law)

  A beautiful New Jerusalem (USA) graphic

  The Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Nature of God (52 pages.  Triune God is not the same as the Trinity)

  Who is Abraham's sister, who is his wife?  (by Adam de Witt)

  Biblical wisdom, Health Science and Vaccination

  What God's Word Says About Symbols (Sacramentalist philosophy in light of Scripture)

   Ye shall have tribulation -- but be of good cheer

   New World Order Deception

  The Lord -- Baal Connection

  Black on black slave history -- the horrid truth

  The Christmas Season:  A Pagan Holiday Exposed

  There is no "Sunday, First day of the Week" in the Scriptures

  "Soul Winner" hand out tract (Saxon Christian Israel format, one sheet)

  Caiaphas -- The Aphek Edomite

  Armageddon -- what it means

  Geocentricism and flat Earth (Part One)

  Geocentricism and flat Earth (Part Two - not uploaded yet)

  Predestination and blotting out  (Who gets "blotted out" of the Book of Life"?)

  Whom Did Moses Marry?

  The Gun Is Civilization

 Your Heritage (Pastor Bertrand Comparet, excellent 42 page primer)

  Anointing Oil Magic?

 The Muslim Flat Earth --  Koran Doctrine

 NASA: Before Obama and after Obama (Important differences examined)


The Zionist/Jewish Question

 The Book of Enoch -- not inspired

 What Does This Mean -- Hallelujah?

  Star-Spangled Banner-- sang by a young sister in our Fellowship. (click "download" on link)

 The Divine Angel Counsel of Psalm 82 (misguided spiritist doctrine)

 Where is your soul after death?  -- by Sheldon Emry (a basic foundation of the Faith)

 Benjamin Freedman -- How America got involved in WWI & WWII

 The Rich Man and Lazarus -- Emry   (The "hellfire" topic examined)

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